This course works best after attending our 14 Hour Classic Lash Course- as we build off of the foundation, ideas and fundamentals we teach.  This course will help you level up your career inside the lash industry. Learning and being able to offer this technique is a great service to add to your menu along with giving you the opportunity to increase your income. It’s a great way to expand your growing business!  

Petra V Pro offers hybrid training that allows you to learn online at your own pace. The online portion of your learning is heavily reading comprehensive, with diagrams and many visuals. To get a complete understanding of volume/mega volume lash extensions it is best to attend the additional in-person portion to review the online curriculum and work on problems you may still have. 

Our in person training consists of our licensed PRO Lash Educator(s) sharing their knowledge about volume lashes, volume lash application- designing styles, and making fans, along with sharing vendor/brand recommendations. 

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