This course will help you build on the fundamentals that you learned from our Classic Eyelash Extensions Course.  Taking this course will help you to level up your career in the lash industry. Learning this technique will be an additional service you can offer your clients and increase your income.  It’s a great way to expand your growing business!  

Petra V Pro offers the flexibility of online and in person training.  The online portion of your learning will be a mix of short videos and written information that will enable you to get a complete understanding of eyelash extensions before you join us for the in person training. 

Our in person training consists of a licensed Master Lash educator sharing their knowledge about volume lashes, volume lash application, and working with clients.  The Master Lash educator will oversee your lashing application on your live model and guide you through the different techniques and products for volume lashes. You will leave ready to level up your lashing!

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