A Glamour of Hope Foundation (previously, "Glam for a Cause") is an organization that was established in 2013 by founder and co-owner, Regina Vong. A Glamour of Hope Foundation was created to inspire and empower women, to encourage and to support entrepreneurial spirit, and to help individuals obtain financial freedom and independence- especially to those in need. A Glamour of Hope Foundation x Petra V Pro exists with mutual goals- as it is our mission to encourage underserved community members to gain freedom through education, mentorships and grants.  

"Glam for a Cause"  was originally founded to help give back to women facing adversity- individuals suffering with alopecia, chemo treatments, postpartum hair loss, etc. We’ve worked with other charitable organizations to spread love through donations using cosmetic services such as microblading, PMU, and products such as strip lashes especially for those suffering with hair loss. In our rebrand, we decided to focus and dedicate our mission to our personal story. We chose to highlight other women who have faced adversity, struggle, hardships- in the ways we have, and want to encourage their pursuit in the cosmetology field. 

Petra V Pro is a small family owned business, minority women- who have faced adversity. We have found freedom in entrepreneurship and the lucrative nature of the cosmetology industry- with our background we hope to share our story and help other women who also face adversity. In our partnership with A Glamour of Hope, we can provide lower cost tuition for aspiring nail and lash technicians. 

A Glamour of Hope Foundation is very excited to be able to offer grant funding to people in need of extra support to start a new career.  We want to help lay a foundation to a new era of professionals, in doing so, we no longer require an application to receive a grant. A Glamour of Hope Foundation is proud to announce- the ability to offer every student at Petra V Pro a discounted rate, this discount is not stackable with other deals, promotions, grants and or outside assistance. 

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