verb (used with object), bam·boo·zled, bam·boo·zling.

to deceive or get the better of (someone) by trickery, flattery, or the like; humbug; hoodwink

We have been approached by people who paid for a certificate course only to find out that they are still not legal/recognized to work in the state of Minnesota. They were misled to believe that these certificates alone would make them legit and increase their income overnight. Unfortunately, this is not the case and they would have to go back to pay for another course for licensure. This has happened for Lash and Microblading training. 

Lash and Nail "certification only" schools/training programs are NOT recognized by the MN Board of Cosmetology.  Their curriculum has not been approved and they have not met the requirements needed in the State of MN.  

Microblading "certification only" courses are only a small portion of what you need to be able to be recognized in the State of MN.  Microblading is regulated by the MN Department of Health and you must complete an apprenticeship of 200 hours to become a Body Art Technician in order to practice.

Learning a technique from an experienced technician is definitely valuable but being misled into believing that a certificate is all you need is fraudulent and hurtful to our community. 

We're here to help each other grow and succeed and to also take the proper steps to ensure that we all understand the importance of regulations and respecting the process. The point is to expand our community and business together!

It is our hope that you choose us to provide you the education you need but if we are not your cup of tea, make sure that the school and instructors you use are licensed and on the list provided by the State

Research and educate! Here is a link to the MN State Board of Cosmetology website.  This link will show you the approved schools and instructors for the State of MN.

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