Sorry we've been absent from social media for awhile but we have been working very hard behind the scenes to provide our community new opportunities, creating careers and  sharing our knowledge. We are so happy to announce that we are launching Petra V Pro University- A LICENSED Cosmetology School.  


We are 2 LEGIT 2 QUIT Beauties!

We are the first school in Minnesota to offer a unique teaching platform to our students.  The Minnesota Board of Cosmetology board members actually referred to us as pioneers.  What an honor!

Being the first isn’t easy though, we fought a long hard fight but finally we are here and are paving the way for our industry to grow. 

Those of you who have followed us from the beginning know that Maryna has been a Nail Tech for 19 years, teaching and mentoring since 2003. Regina has been a Lash Tech for 13 years and started instructing with her own curriculum in 2009. Our first PMU studio was opened in 2015.  We offered technique courses for Microblading in 2016.  

From the beginning of our professional careers, we were already sharing our knowledge of techniques and tips of the trade.  

Our mentality has always been community over competition.   We feel that if you share knowledge you can grow as a community which creates for a more successful industry.  

Six years ago we got back from Thailand completely  inspired to start an official school.  We visited a school in Bangkok that had a sister upstairs teaching nails and a sister downstairs teaching cosmetic tattooing.   

Watching the two sisters work together, helping women to learn and grow, this totally embodied us and essentially was an elevated version of what we were already doing.  We needed to set up an official school.

We set a goal and then we started the steps to achieve our goal.  It took a lot of jumps, a lot of pivoting and many times we thought we were done.  We pushed through with our ultimate goal in mind and made it to today.

We are so very proud to be able to offer LICENSING courses to our students.  We feel like this will help create positions that will lead to independence and wealth building within our community. 

Let’s grow together! 

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