What is the difference between a certificate and a license? 

A license is required to do nails or lash extensions in the state of Minnesota. You must attend a licensed beauty school with a Minnesota Board of Cosmetology approved course.
You can find this information on the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology website under "find a school"

Will I receive a license after attending training?

We offer two licensed courses along with continuing education here at Petra V Pro. Our 350 Hour Nail Course and 14 Hour Classic Eyelash Extension Course are Minnesota Board of Cosmetology approved. After completion of training you will be required to take your state board exams, after you pass, you can then apply for your license!

How old do I have to be to attend class at Petra V Pro? 

We have no age requirements, but to receive a license through the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology you do have to be 17+. Our youngest students to date are 16 years old. 

How does your 14 Hour Classic Lash Class work?

This is a hybrid class, you will complete 8 hours of online training prior to attending in-person. You will then bring a model for your in-person training day.

How does your 350 Hour Nail Course work?

Our licensed nail class is 200 hours online followed by 150 hours in-person. You will attend class Tuesday-Saturday either 9am-9pm in our accelerated class option or in our part -time day class from 9am-3pm or our part-time evening class 3pm-9pm.

How do I enroll? 

Call or text us (651)808-5881 today! Or send us an email hello@petravpro.com
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