We are two sisters who have worked in the industry for over twenty years.  Our mom and aunt are cosmetologists and we have trained our next generation to work alongside us. This is how strongly we believe in this field.  We know it has staying power and want to pass this on to the next!  

With all of our different styles and opinions we are able to keep up to date on innovative new trends that are fashionable and current as well as knowing what classic beauty is and what is here to last through fads.  All things that we are excited to share with you! 

We have owned salons in our respective fields and have moved on to become licensed educators.  We have specialized training in lashes, nails and semi-permanent cosmetics.  We are passionate about our techniques and we want to put into perspective the importance of understanding the specific skill you are learning.  

We are so thrilled to be able to offer licensing courses to prospective students who are looking for a new profession. We believe in helping people to enhance their skill set and learn business skills in order to lay a foundation for a new career.  We want to help people help themselves!

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