How you take care of your gorgeous new lashes is essential for extending the life of your service.  Please follow our aftercare instructions. 

Brush: Use our Petra V Pro Lash brush to gently brush lashes in a quick upsweeping motion.

Wash: Use only oil free makeup remover to gently cleanse your new lashes and avoid rubbing or scrubbing anywhere near your lashline.


Please be sure to avoid:

-water directly on lashes for at least 24 hours.

-extreme heat or humidity (sauna/steam room) for at least 24 hours

-any oil based makeup products or remover. 

-rubbing or scrubbing of the eyes or new lashes.

-brushing extensions when wet

-removing any extensions yourself


Please remember that a natural eyelash cycle is approximately 90-100 days. It is perfectly normal for natural lashes to shed at the end of their cycle and the extension along with it.  This allows new lashes to grow in their place.  Please make sure to follow our aftercare instructions to maintain the retention of your new eyelash extensions.

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